Internet Cookies and Privacy Issues

The issue of cookies and internet privacy protection has been an ongoing debate. There are those who object wholly to cookies as these can be used to gather and track information of users. Internet privacy is defined as the “right or mandate of personal privacy that concerns storage, providing information for third parties and displaying […]

How Websites Use Cookies

In the realm of computers, web sites are particularly interested in things that visitors do and other sites that these users go to. The cookie can be used to monitor sites that the person visits after leaving the one that gives out said cookie. In effect, one advantage of this coded item is that it […]

What do Internet Cookies Do?

Have you ever wondered what internet cookies are really used for and if they are really as harmful as they are said to be? Read on to find out the answers to your cookie questions. Research will show that one of the more popular web browsers (Netscape) introduced Internet cookies to the browsing process. The […]

Different Types of Internet Cookies

Learning about the various types of internet cookies and how each one is used will help you understand what happens behind the scenes when you browse the internet. What are the possibilities if Internet users visit websites using computer cookies? You can be required to provide personal information such as name, interests and email addresses. […]

Myths and Facts about Website Cookies

Most people have become paranoid due to the widely published myths about website cookies and what they do. Learn the facts about these internet cookies and how they are used. What are browser cookies? The cookie is defined as an encrypted file which can be found in a browser directory. Web developers make use of […]

Pros and Cons of Disabling Cookies and How to Do It

You can choose to disable website cookies on your computer. Learn more about how to do this, as well as how this will affect your browsing. Internet cookies are small text files that contain information about your browsing settings or preferences and other kinds of data. These cookies are intended to ease a user’s browsing […]

Pros and Cons of Enabling Cookies and How to Do It

You can choose to enable website cookies on your computer. Learn more about how to do this, as well as how this will affect your browsing. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer through your browser. These files are sent from web servers of the websites that you visit. These cookies contain […]

What are Tracking Cookies?

Are you aware of tracking cookies? Though they are not exactly harmful like viruses and malware, they are a cause for concern when it comes to your privacy. Internet Cookies Basics In order for you to understand what tracking cookies are, it is best to know what cookies are. Internet cookies are small text files […]

How do Internet Cookies Work?

You regularly use your computer to surf the Internet, but do you also know that doing so exposes you to Internet cookies? Do you want to know how these cookies work? Read on for more information. Internet cookies seem to have a negative impression on people because of the misconceptions about them, especially back in […]

What is an Internet Cookie?

Have you heard about “internet cookies”? Do you know what they are and what they do? You can learn more about what internet cookies are by reading this article. Website cookies are small files, basically pieces of information that are stored in a user’s computer. They are stored as text strings in the browser and […]